Motivating learners by establishing good teaching practices

Instilling in learners love and passion for learning a foreign language is a demanding and ongoing process, thus making the learner feel comfortable right from the beginning of the course is a bet the teacher has to win. This is not always easy to achieve, especially with the adults, who have very high expectations of themselves and of the course as well as an endless list of professional and personal obligations, which may not always coincide with the course’s goals. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a variety of teaching practices that will create the necessary conditions for effective learning. The latter cannot be promoted without feeling self-confident and self-confidence is built when feeling motivated.

The following practices which focus on the course’s goals and the learners’ needs can be used both at the start of the course and along the way when necessary. They help build a close relationship with your learners, foster motivation and make learning a joyful experience.

Practice Purpose Learning implications
Provide the learners with a timetable with the course’s long-term goals and the short-term goals of every lesson
  • To become aware of the course’s learning goals
  • The timetable serves both as a guidance and as a  reminder

The learners know what the demands of the course are so this helps them not to lose track of the course

Conduct needs analysis, especially with new students
  • To know exactly what the learners’ strengths and weaknesses are
  • To adapt the syllabus accordingly
 To meet the learners’ needs thus making them happy and satisfied with their learning progress
Find out what the learners’ expectations from the course are
  • To know the personal goals of the learners and adjust the learning materials accordingly
The learners feel valued, thus responsible for their own learning
Conduct learning type tests
  • To be aware of their learning styles and preferences
The use of suitable learning materials enhances effective learning
Constant check and re-evaluation of the course’s learning goals
  • To adjust learning content according to the learners’ needs and progress
To keep learners involved in the learning process

3 thoughts on “Motivating learners by establishing good teaching practices

  1. Amazing timing! I ‘ve just started teaching an MA TEFL module- trends and issues- this is a definite issue worth a mention!
    To the point and covers a range of needs that teachers often neglect.
    Thank you for an inspirational and motivating blog!


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